Incarnate Embedded Content (v 1.0 May, 1 2018)

The PDF below is a legal license to allow individuals to release their content through Incarnate Gaming. The goal behind this license is to protect the individuals intellectual property while allowing Incarnate Gaming a few specific and limited uses to enable us to share it with others.

We believe that artwork is a part of the artist and that it is unethical to ask them to sign over all rights to their work (as with standard work for hire agreements). Section 1 specifically limits this license to "digitally and or electronically reproduce". In layman's terms, each time we want to produce a physical merchandise run we will need to go to the artist with a separate request to use their image for that project (and pay them accordingly).

This license is intended for individuals who either want to donate small pieces or who we want to pay to license from. Because this content will be integrated into our system and very hard to remove, paragraph 7 only includes termination terms on breach of contract.

(Please note that the above is an unofficial summary, please read the below license yourself.)