The Incarnate System is designed to make a Game Master's life easier by generating content as players explore. Due to the size of the project, it is highly recommended that this system be deployed within a VTT such as Foundry VTT.

Dedicated VTT

We keep a dedicated foundry server available for testing here.

All access Id's are set to incarnate except for GM-locked which is reserved for when I give tours. Please note that this server is wiped every time we release an update, so do not expect your changes to persist.

Embedded Sample

If you want to test some of the most basic functions of the Incarnate System outside of a VTT, we do have some of the generators available below. Select the category with the first drop down, and the template with the second. Clicking Insert Template will add a copy of the current template to the end of the page. Clicking Generate will cause the generator to randomly fill in variables (where available, things such as the random encounter generator are too complex for deployment on a single web page). Populate will cause referenced templates (such as people inside of a tavern) to have their templates added to the end of the page.