Races can make a big difference in the world. From a short stocky dwarf who can make the most majestic weapons, to a half-orc who is hated by those he encounters, there are countless opportunities to explore. You may be tempted to optimize your character for power, but you will have more fun if you make a character that you and your party finds interesting. Maybe the druid on the party enlightened a beast and now you are that beast on the adventure? Maybe you came from a secretive group of sentient mice (mikon) who saw some adventures save a child from a beast, and you just had to tag along. The main goal is to pick something fun, and maybe something that helps you step into the shoes of someone you don't understand? Role playing games may be fun, but they are also a unique opportunity to learn to think like others think, and maybe find out they are more reasonable than we first thought.

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